1. Peace to my kings & queens, come vibe with me & have a good time for my summerDAZE tape BBQ listening. Free FOOD & all that jazz. Hashtag #SUMMERDAZEBBQ in the comments for the spot location. Flyer done by @mercedescsmith
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  2. SMILING!!!twentyFo.

  3. flowHERS.

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    Talib Kweli vs. Don Lemon

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  6. A message for my queens BreatheEasyGirl.

    Art work done by Asiatic Youth

    Words & song by me & KDLeSOUL

  7. who you surround yourself with & what you do with who you surround yourself with matters. ((( + ))) #positivevibesonly

  8. backNtheDay…. NBA STREETS….

  9. WhatchuKnowAboutit!!! Tbt!

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  11. Second Song off of my up and coming and first mixtape ” summerDAZE ” called ” backNtheDay ” lets take a trip down memory lane growing up as kids and the simple things that made us smile. peace!

  12. Kay Stokes 365: Running Through My Dreams & Nightmares…

  13. #summerdaze #summervibes Eastside park, fun in the park today.

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  15. I hope this opens eyes for everything. Black on black crimes too. ” we riot when something happens to our own but we stay silent when we kill our own ” WAKE UP!!!