1. Peep, I will be premiering my first full length mixtape project titled ” summerDAZE ” tonight at @urbanflare_ radio kickin it with the queen hosts @mandimigs_ @mixedting93 in a fewie. GOBRAVE.ORG to tune in.
    Thank you all for the support.
    Peace. ((( + )))

  2. Crown.


  3. Stop comparing yourself to others, they are not you. You are not them.


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  5. olawumiart:

    My video for “He Said” is finally here! Directed by Brggs and Co-directed by The Afrolombian, prepare yourself for the trippy ass vibes. Watch, share, support, and most importantly enjoy! 

    official link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ms4QWaMbBuU


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  7. olawumiart:

    "Come Back" off of "MANGO"


  8. BOUNUS track from summerDAZE mixtape project.
    Tomorrow it drops. thank you for your patience.


  9. fluidecorum:

    Carry around your jacket season #vscocam #fall #warmevenings #flannelseason #ootd

  10. QueensOnly.
    ((( + )) wordsbyme. photograph isn’t.

  11. Chill interview with the homie @jessiemariehere vibes was peace as usual. Can’t wait to come back. summerDAZE drops Sunday. ((( + )))

  12. respect each other.

  13. Care More is dedicated to uplifting, enriching and impacting lives through various acts of caring. We aim to assist those in need while encouraging others to get involved, give back and simultaneously elevate their souls in the process.

    On Sunday, October 19, join us on our mission to deliver CARE packages to over 100 homeless men, women and children on the streets of NYC. Each package will consist of travel size toothpaste, toothbrush, comb, deodorant, qtips, hygiene wipes, lotion, water, nutrition bars, a fruit, an inspirational book, pen and a journal. Each assortment will be PACKED WITH LOVE and will include handwritten notes from our volunteers.

    Click the link in our bio to register, get involved and follow @letscaremore to stay connected.

  14. PeaceQueen.

  15. recording the song ” sunflowHER ” finishing up summerDAZE. Sorry for the lateness. ( LONG story smh ) but I’ll have summerDAZE for u guys REAL soon! Thank you again for all the peace, love, positivity & support! peace! #summerDAZE #sirmoore #HipHopMusiq #positiveVibesOnly #spreadPEACE