1. Back on the scene, i havent put out any music since last summer so i chose to release something new today to the people who have been waiting to hear some new vibes from me music wise. So here it is, the song is called GetLive. i am a hiphop soulhop artist. im not against turn up music but thats not me. so check it out. GetLive. EastCoast Shit. peace!

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    Positive Energy Always Creates Elevation.

    My bro (Twitter &Instagram @SiRM00RE] is an artist and a firm believer in this concept. It’s something that is not only a catchy quote and a cool on a shirt but also something that all can agree that through living a positive life and thinking positive that positive things will happen. “PEACE is not a movement but a state of mind.In order to spread peace you have to find peace and feel peace” says Mr.SiRM00RE himself.

    These shirts (and other cool designs] are available on spreadpeace.bigcartel.com for preorder. check it out. show support.

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    rip unk

    Realist words ever

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  5. eye love my grandma.
    call urs or go see urs.
    not too many people
    get the chance to speak
    Or even have a grand parents
    Cherish urs. They know a lot.


  6. nebublahs asked: I love the show fam, I think what you're trying to do for Black America is important. If you're open to suggestions, I think if you broke up chunks of speech into segments using pauses, camera angle changes, and graphics it the flow of the show will look smoother. Either way keep up the great work

    That’s peace Fam. ThnkU. And no hard feelings ever eye’m always looking for ways to get better and elevate my craft in all eye do so thnkU. And eye shall continue to keep up the good work. peace always.


  7. liberatedthinkin asked: you gonna follow a sistah back orrrrrrrrrr ? sike sike. Im back on tumblr baby bro...missed your posts

    Bless sis lol I’m following u back now. Missed ya too.

  8. happy birthday to the queen. #queensonly #selena

  9. MoRuf - Tangerine/her. (Official Music Video)

  10. Jhené Aiko - Comfort Inn Ending (Freestyle)

  11. black-culture:





    That’s me on this episode! I’m so shy 🙈

    Didn’t watch the whole thing, just the part w/ Z… I really liked that he said getting involved was important, but that even “something small” can go a long way. People don’t get involved b/c they have lives, too, and think they can’t dedicate their lives to their community…But you don’t have to do that! Small, weekly, monthly, or single actions can change lives.

    Yes. Some other footage was cut where we talked about impact participation can make. Such as speaking or retweeting on social media. That’s how most learned of trayvon or marissa. No act is too small!!

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  13. SZA ft Isaiah Rashad - Warm Winds

  14. ARTifact of the week:
    By my bro @lavanwright with an amazing & dope drawing of New Jersey Native @justsza of TDE. #sza #Z #TDE #newjeru #lavanwright #artifact


  15. A moment alone…

    " people like pharrell make me very Un-afraid to be an artist of life. Living how you want is a form of art, touching the hearts of many as much as you can doing what you love is so fucking freeing and elevating. We are all artists, we are all living art from god. Create your life the way you wish because we can’t take what we have created here with us. "
    - S!R MOORE