1. Second Song off of my up and coming and first mixtape ” summerDAZE ” called ” backNtheDay ” lets take a trip down memory lane growing up as kids and the simple things that made us smile. peace!

  2. Kay Stokes 365: Running Through My Dreams & Nightmares…

  3. #summerdaze #summervibes Eastside park, fun in the park today.

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  5. I hope this opens eyes for everything. Black on black crimes too. ” we riot when something happens to our own but we stay silent when we kill our own ” WAKE UP!!!

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    Another shot from @ty_thesingaa “One Man” video. Releasing Wednesday @ 1:15 pm. Filmed and edited by myself.
    #HigherLevel #TyJack #kdproductionz #musicvideo

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    SummerDAZE Document: Fatima

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    aunt viv. 



    Dear White People…

    and some black people too tbh.

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  9. SummerDAZE Document: Fatima

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    SirMoore ft Jay Marv | selfLOVE Official Video

    This is the first video vibe visual from my up and coming music mix tape project ” summerDAZE ” which is set to drop this month on the 12th.

    selfLOVE was filmed & directed by the brothers of TheNewJeruNatives Kahrice ( KDLeSOUL ) Harrison & myself Sir ( Joe V ) Moore.

    We are bringing more substance to our hip hop culture, there are so many stories that are needed to be told. I am here to help contribute positivity, uplifting our generation, motivation and realness.


    SiRMOORE ((( + )))

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    This breaks my heart in a way I can’t articulate

    Nothing but luck stops my nane from being on this list. Or my brothers or sister. Or my cousins and god son or my aunts, uncles or parents.

    Almost every living black person in america is a potential name for this list.

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  13. 2morrow.comeThru&Vibe.
    HellaFun in the sun.
    Shout out to my sista queen @sewingstardom for putting this together for the town one time. See y’all tomorrow. Peace peace.


  14. Peep my newjerunative brother Ty Jackson with his second project ” Higher Level ” coming stright out of New Jersey with some R&B flavor. peace.


  15. this song is off of my mixtape project called summerDAZE dropping in August.

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